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Quote of the Day

When I took office, only high energy physicists had ever heard of what is called the Worldwide Web…. Now even my cat has its own page.

– Bill Clinton


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Tech News

If you are looking for a high quality source of news in the technology and internet fields, be sure to check out TechMeme. This site constantly updates with news from around the blogosphere. It works by looking for the first source of breaking news. Then, other related articles are linked at the bottom with a show snippet of text about the news.

How does it f igure out which blogger broke the story? This seems like a pretty complex problem but it comes down to human nature. When most bloggers find a new story, they will link back to the source. If you trace back the majority of the links to their endpoint, it will point in to the first blog that broke the news. Or at least that is how I think TechMeme figures it out.

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Four Ws: Web

I’m going to start actively covering internet and startup news. After the stock market has fallen below 7000, you might not think it is the best time to start a new business. But, if history is any guide, you would be wrong.

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